12 Weeks to Mojovation

This 12 week program includes:


  • 12 x 45 minute weekly sessions of 1:1 coaching via Facetime, Skype or Phone or other
  • Unlimited email throughout the whole program
  • Workbook, handouts, special reports and other resources
  • Cycle communicator wheel

Week 1 – Track Your Cycle

Learn how tracking your cycle can help you use your body’s natural flow to maximise your energy and focus throughout the month.

Week 2 – Self Care for the Busy Mum

Tips and tricks on how to fit in some much needed ‘Me Time’ when everyone wants a piece of you!

Week 3 – Love Yourself Healthy

Fall in love with yourself!  I know it sounds a bit corny but loving yourself is key to helping you reclaim your sparkle.  It’s time to reconnect with your inner goddess!

Week 4 – Your First Period

Have you ever celebrated being a woman?  Was your first period a horror story or a non-event?  If you constantly feel like ‘something is missing’, this could be why.  We are going to officially welcome you to womanhood and celebrate and honour the woman that you’ve become.

Week 5 – Unlock Your Superpowers

Has anyone ever told you about the power you hold in your womb (or your womb space if you’ve had your womb removed)?  Let’s reconnect you with your womb, your intuition, your power centre!

Week 6 – Sanity Tips for the Working Mum or Stay at Home Mum

Whether you are a working mum or stay at home mum, each presents its own challenges.  We will walk through your personal challenges and talk about ways to help you stay sane!

Week 7 – Eating Tips for More Energy

We will deep dive into the foods that nurture you, how food affects your mood and energy levels, including the energy zappers.  If you have any specific health concerns, we can look at foods to help you heal.

Week 8 – Coping with Overwhelm

This mum thing can be overwhelming right?  Actually life can be overwhelming!  So let’s talk about some practical things you can do to cope!

Week 9 – 10 Weight Loss Tips for Busy Mums

So how do you lose weight when you can’t even find a spare minute to pee?  I’ll give you 10 ideas that you can implement straight away without adding to the overwhelm.

Week 10 – How to Get your Sexy Back

Feeling like you’ve lost your bedroom mojovation or just want to feel sexy again?  Let’s bring the sexy back to your life!

Week 11 – How to Be a Fun Mum

Do you feel like you are too busy to have fun anymore?  Do you feel like you only have time for the bare essentials?  Let’s talk about how to include your kids in your health journey and make it fun for everyone.

Week 12 – Choose Your Own Adventure

This week you can choose from one of the following topics:

  • Womb Blessing Session
  • The Mind Body Fertility Connection
  • The Moon and You
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Healing the Mother Wound
  • Healthy breakfasts and lunches for kids
  • Mindfulness for kids

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