Do you feel like this mum thing is all too hard and that you just want to curl up in a corner sometimes until the storm blows over?  Do you feel like it takes every spare ounce of energy just to get the basics done and that having fun is a distant dream?  Do you spend more time feeling overwhelmed than you do feeling on top of things?  Then you’ve come to the right place beautiful mama!  Keep reading.

How will this course help you?

 Provide you with tools to prevent and tame tantrums (yours and theirs)
Strategies for being more organised and reducing overwhelm
Banishing the guilt of making time for yourself
Ways to connect with your kids to make your time with them less stressful and more fun
Creating space for more ease and flow

 Week 1 – Self Care for the Busy Mama

This week is all about YOU!  You will receive lots of tips on how to fit self care into your busy life as well as many self care activity ideas – just in case you’ve forgotten.  Remember that you can’t fill your kids cups up if your cup is empty so making time for self care is vital for you and your family’s well being.

Week 2 – Getting Organised

We will talk about decluttering, menu planning, your morning routine and digital noise.  The more organised you can be, the less overwhelmed you will be and the more present you can be with your kids.  We will discuss lots of practical tips ways you can get more organised without it adding to you already long ‘to do’ list.

Week 3 – The 5 Love Languages of Children

Do you know your child’s love language?  Knowing your child’s love language and how to fill their bucket can be so helpful and rewarding for you and for them!  You will get to discover your own love language, and your kids primary love language as well as actions you can take to help you all feel like you are getting what you need.

We will also have our first online ‘get together’ this week so we can meet in person and zoom in on any questions or issues you may have.

Week 4 – Positive Parenting Tips

This week we will cover topics such as:

  • Solution-Oriented Parenting (5 steps…)
  • Building strong connections with your kids
  • Time In versus Time Out
  • One on One Time

Week 5 – Mindfulness for Kids

This week I will share some great tools that you can use with your kids, such as:

  • Affirmations / Mirror Work
  • Journaling
  • Talking Sticks
  • Yoga and Meditation

During week 5, we will have our second online ‘get together’ to wrap up and address any outstanding questions you may have.


*Bonus Session

You will also get a bonus one on one face to face (via Zoom) session with me to chat about ANYTHING that’s on your mind.  It could be related to the topics we are covering or you may have other mum things that you need some help with!  Anything goes!


So how does it work?


  1. You click below and sign up
  2. I’ll be in touch to congratulation you and confirm the dates and start times
  3. You’ll be added to the special ‘Mumfulness’ facebook group where we can all connect between calls
  4. I’ll send a reminder email a few days before we get started
  5. We will use Zoom (online video conference tool) to dial in for our calls where we can all see each other and be ‘together’.
  6. Each week, I will post the videos and supporting documents and links in our facebook group.  This will also be a safe place where we can ask questions, support each other and interact at any time during (and after) the course.
  7. In the first week of the course, I will send you a link to schedule your one on one session with me!


The next course will start on the following date:

 The next course is not scheduled at this stage.  Please sign up for our newsletter or keep an eye on this page for more details.


Your investment for this course is only $197 NZD.  This includes 5 weeks of course content and supporting material, 2 group calls, one personalised call, online support for the whole 5 weeks, plus bonus masterclasses.

Spaces are limited!!!


Please email or call +64 21 340 661 for more information.