Half Day Intensive

This is a face to face session so available for people local to Wellington, New Zealand or in places where I travel to (keep an eye on facebook for details).

We will spend 4 hours together identifying your day to day challenges and zooming in on your main de-mojovators.  Together we will find ways to work through these challenges so that you can kick-start your journey to getting your mojo back.

You will walk away with an action plan and a bag full of glitter to help you ‘reclaim your sparkle’!  Along with your glitter, you will have some other tips, tools and techniques that you can incorporate into your routine.  Some of these include:

  • Breathing and meditation exercises
  • Planning your month around your cycle to get the best out of yourself in each of the 4 phases
  • Journaling and gratitude lists
  • Ways you can help the kids to help you
  • Communication tools for you and your partner


Book a discovery session below so that we can chat more about where you are at and how you would like to get started!

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